Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Few Easy Ways To Earn Extra Cash Online - Fast! (Superpoints, Mypoints, Jingit)

You always see people trying to find great deals online, and some of the best I've found (and tested myself) are for earning cash or gift cards. They are:


I've received over $100 in gift cards of my choice so far, and have earned enough points to redeem over $200 more (I just don't know what I want yet). Note here - I've been a member for years, and spend only about 5 minutes every other week or so going through the emails and clicking for points. Its that easy!

See how easy MyPoints is - click here!


I've been actively using Superpoints for about 2 weeks and am up to $15.00, which I can redeem for either Amazon gift cards or Paypal payment. It is super easy to earn on here with simply clicking a button to see if you win. It is MUCH faster to earn points when you get people to join... because when a team member wins, you win!

Superpoints is an invite only platform.  Here are some invites (if one does not work, try the next or leave me a comment with your email and I'll send you an invitation)



So far I've earned over $40. Users can earn a maximum of $5-10 per week. You start with a max of $5.00 and for each friend you refer, you can earn an additional $0.25, up to $10 per week. You can redeem your earnings on a Visa card (one time $2.00 fee for the card itself), or use your earnings to buy music downloads on

Click here to give Jingit a try! You'll be amazed how quick and easy it is!

Have a similar site that has worked for you or have questions?  Leave me a comment!  I'm going to try to do regular posts and give updates on how much I'm earning.

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