Monday, July 2, 2012

It Just Took Two Minutes: Flowers From The Yard

We were walking in the door today from playing with some friends, when my 5 year old asked if he could pick me a flower from the grass (I haven't had the heart to tell him they are weeds...), I said yes, then told him to wait for a moment so I could grab a little vase that we could fill up (by now my 2 year old was wanting to pick the flowers too). 

I dropped everything in my hands and ran inside to grab a small vase. When I came back out, the smiles on the boys faces as they picked the "flowers" was priceless.

 I made it even more fun by having them help me pick lavender and Snap Dragon flowers to add as well.  (You can see the Snap Dragons and Lavender, the yellow are dandelions, and the white flowers peeking out are clover flowers)

 The spontaneous decision to help the boys pick flowers for a small bouquet only took two minutes total, but we all had fun.

 Next time you can spare two minutes, grab the kids and head outside... see what you can do with the flowers you find!

 PS - I'd love to see if you do, so leave a link. :)

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