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Looney Tunes Click N Learn Phonics Program: A Great Foundation For Parents and Children (Review and Giveaway: 14 winners)

One of the things I thanked my own Mother for recently was getting me into a school that taught Phonics. I started learning Phonics in Kindergarten, and feel very strongly that it gave me an edge with both spelling and reading (I STILL use the skills I learned with Phonics today!).  My husband jokes with me that whenever he is stumped on a word and doesn't want to look it up, he just asks me, and just between us, I use those very Phonics skills I learned so long ago to spell those words for him. ;)

That is one of the reasons why I was so excited to introduce my boys to the Looney Tunes Click N Learn Phonics program.  It is available online, so anywhere we go, I'll be able to work on the Phonics Lessons with our son as long as we have access to a computer and the internet.  And the best part???  They LOVE the program and consider it a cartoon game.  So I am providing my boys with the very same spelling and reading tools that helped me so  much.

It took only a minute or so to set up my son's account, and he got to choose Bugs Bunny as his Avatar (which is one of his favorite Looney Tunes characters).  He immediately wanted to check out what the characters were up to, and he loves that they are helping him learn.


There are 100 lessons, each made up of 4 parts with Looney Tunes short cartoons mixed in.
     1. The Letter Zone: Kids learn letter sounds and shapes, and learn to find them on the keyboard.  They will learn 61 different Phonics sounds
     2. Listening Zone: Kids learn about Phonics Word Blending.  They learn to listen to the beginning, middle and end of the word.  The robot guide will cover 188 different words, sounding out the different parts, and children will work with 357 individual words.
     3. Reading Zone: Kids will learn to read and spell sight words (those that are highly used in daily communication), word families, word endings, Silent-E rule, making sentences, and more.
     4. Speed Zone: Kids use this section to recap and test what they have learned in the lesson (identify letters, sounds, words)

I wanted my 5 year old son to enjoy using this program and he DOES, which is great, but the unexpected benefit of this program and his enjoyment is that our 2 year old is also trying to engage in it along with his older brother, and I'm amazed at how quickly he is catching on to what is happening in the program.

This phonics program is highly customizable, and you get progress reports where you can see exactly how your child is doing.

As a parent, I can't emphasize enough how much I approve of Phonics being given as a tool to our children.  It enables them and increases their chances of success in school and beyond - I can personally attest to that.

Looney Tunes Click N Learn Phonics  
 by Click N Kids, Inc
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Program has varying rates starting at $9.95

Edition Reviewed: Online Phonics program - I received access to the Looney Tunes Phonics program as part of the Karma Media campaign so I could share the information with you in the form of my honest review!

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tutor said...

I love computer games to teach. But as a tutor I have learned that many children have trouble blending the sounds to form words if taught phonics by this method. It can also slows their reading down, and make them not enjoy reading. For example if the sound out d as du, they pronounce daddy as du-a-du-y.
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