Friday, June 1, 2012

Camping With Kids: What Are Your Must-Have Camping Items?

Our family has started camping in the backyard as a way to get ready for "REAL" camping.  After having NOT done any camping for about well, ... 20 years or so... I find that I'm forgetting a LOT.

The first weekend of backyard camping with my husband and two young boys (ages 2 and 5) found that we needed a bigger tent.  I love my 3 person, 4 season backpacking tent, but we were sardines... so we went to Sears and got the Coleman Oasis 6 person tent.  It is a VERY basic tent, but we love it.  It provides extra space and  is a cheap way to get into camping ($90 instead of the $204 tent we originally chose).  We need to work on weather-proofing it as the rainy night we had found some of the water on the inside of the tent, but we did stay dry, so I think some weather-proofing spray will do the trick just fine.

So, we have our tent, air mattresses (and pumps), coolers, storage tent, and a few other hiking type supplies.  What items do you consider to be must-haves when you go camping?

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