Friday, May 4, 2012

Sometimes Skimming Ahead In A Book Is... BAD! Especially in a Trilogy Like The Hunger Games

So, I have to admit that I don't generally skim ahead in books or series, but I was late to the game with Hunger Games and after staying up late to finish the first book, I had to see where Catching Fire and Mocking Jay were headed.  As a result, I only got glimpses into the story, and I didn't like what I read!

Now, fast-forward a few months, when our book club decided to read Hunger Games and LOVED IT so much so, that everyone wanted to read book 2.  Now, I wasn't thrilled about this turn of events because I thought I'd skimmed enough to know what was going to happen, but boy was I surprised to read the entire book and get an entirely different insight into the story!

I just finished Mocking Jay way ahead of our book club's schedule because I couldn't put it down!  I also came away with an entirely different view of the series, which I now LOVE.

:)  It just goes to show that some books really shouldn't be skimmed at all!

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