Saturday, March 31, 2012

Thymeless Bath and Oils: Great Source for Natural Bath and Scented Products

I recently had the pleasure of trying some of the Thymeless Bath and Oils products (Soy Bricklet, Linen/Room Spray, Bar Soap, Roll-On Perfume), and I was impressed at how gentle and wonderful the scents were.  I LOVE them!  Thymeless sells the following (all handmade from natural products): soap, shea butter lotion, shea body butter, sugar scrubs, candles, soy bricks for melting pots and warmers, linen/room sprays, and roll-on perfumes.

What was more impressive was that out of the four scents I experienced, I loved them all, and that is saying something!  I am really picky when it comes to scents, because my nose often itches and I get headaches from most scents.  As a result, I burn candles for fun, but tend to only do it on special occasions, and you practically have to be getting married or having a funeral for me to wear perfume.  Not so with these - I had absolutely no problems being around these scents.

Here are the scents I experienced:  Olive Blossom (not overly girly, perfect for a house full of males ranging from 2 to 35), Fresh Cut Tulip (another lightly floral scent perfect for daily use), Lavender and Rosehips (a new favorite that smells like a very expensive perfume when used as a roll-on perfume), Lilac and Raspberries (what can I say, another scent I didn't know that I loved).  Each of these scents comes highly recommended by me!  And don't worry - if you don't like the more floral scents, they have plenty of others!

Stop by Wendi's Book Corner where I wrote a much more detailed review.

*Disclosure: I received samples of four different products in order to provide a review in coordination with Karma Media's Campaign for Thymeless Bath and Oils.  All opinions are 100% mine!

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