Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Celebrate With Your Own Candyland Cake

Our son turned 5 on Christmas Eve, and we always try to make his day extra special, so when he requested this Candyland Cake that he saw in one of my magazines, I jumped at the opportunity to make it.

(I found this cake in a Taste Of Home Magazine, and they now have it available online too: Candyland Cake)

The cake itself is made from a brownie recipe (also a special request from our little guy after he had the brownies at a football party with family) that I shared here: Best Ever Brownie Recipe.

It was a blast to make as I generally followed the Taste of Home Magazine example, and then put a few of my own tweaks in to make it more personalized and special for our son.

Candy Used:
Mini Candycanes
Pepermint Candies
Rock Candy
Gummy Soldiers
Heart Candies (similar to Skittles)
Gum Drops (both large and small)
Gummy Penguins
Small Colored Chocolate Balls
A few other things I used were ice cream cones (cut them down, turned them upside down and piped frosting on to make the mountains in the upper left corner), edible markers, and Candyland figures from the actual game (I did purchase a brand new game and hand-washed the figures to make sure they were really clean).


1. I lightly frosted the cake to create a basic base for the design
2. Frosted the entire cake with light green for the finished background
3. Created the edging around the cake
4. Unwrapped Starburst candies and started to lay them out, along with other key pieces to map out my game board
5. Made the mountains in the upper left corner by cutting ice cream cones with a serrated knife, then placing it on the cake and adding frosting to make them look like mountain peaks
6. I continued to fill in the board with candy pieces

7. I added a few personal touches for our son (the Gummy Army Men, Gummy penguins, small chocolate balls around the edges)
8. I used edible markers to write Happy Birthday on the Starburst candies

Here are a few close-ups as my camera isn't really doing this cake justice!

As a final note, I'll add that this cake was a HUGE hit at our son's Chuck E Cheese birthday party on Christmas Eve, and that I had 3 requests to make it for other people, even with the brownie filling!

I will also note that this cake was able to feed a LOT of people because no one could eat a normal sized piece, just about everyone was VERY happy with a small piece as it was so rich.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think!  Have you made a cake and posted a picture online?  If so, leave a link - I'd love to see it.  :)

~ Wendi


Nikki said...

That is such a cool cake! I'm not very good with decorating, so I've never made anything even remotely clever. I pinned it, because even though I can't actually make cakes, I do love looking at them!

Jeannette said...

That is so cute and you are so talented! I couln't even begin to make that! I'm super impressed!

Mandie said...

This is incredible!!!

About A Mom said...

So stinkin cute! I am so impressed! Just pinned this!


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