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ZeroWater Pitcher: Your Source For Pure, Filtered Water

From the moment I learned about the story behind ZeroWater, I was intrigued. The long and the short of it is that the technology used to filter water so that it has absolutely NOTHING extra in it (so you are drinking PURE water) was developed by a father and son team until it got Mom's approval.  It took a lot of research and testing, but when they accomplished their goal, they had developed ZeroWater.

My own experience with ZeroWater has been very eye-opening.

The water pitcher comes with a TDS testing stick, which tests the Total Dissolved Solids contained in the water (I highly suggest you visit the ZeroWater site to read more about TDS as I don't want to get too technical, but it is a fascinating and quick read!).  Keep in mind that our area has very good quality water out of the tap - but you can taste the chlorine in the water.

My TDS Readings:  ** Our house has Copper pipes
Kitchen Faucet, Cold Water: 21
Kitchen Faucet, Hot Water: 45
Filtered Refrigerator Water (Copper pipes, about 20 feet from the faucet): 27

Now, I also decided to test a bottle of purified water from the grocery store... imagine my shock when it came back at a whopping 38!!  Hmmm, so I guess my tap water is better.

I was shocked at the difference between our hot and cold water, which tells me that our hot water heater has a lot of sediment in it.  Soon, I'm going to check into the possibility of draining it to remove some of the sediment!  But in the mean time, I will no longer be cooking with hot water (I'll boil eggs and pasta by starting with cold water from now on).

Check out this map, which shows the average TDS range by State:

In the Box:
In the box, you will receive the pitcher base, water reservoir, lid, filter, and instructions.  It takes only a moment to put the pitcher together.

I LOVE that the filter screws into the water reservoir.  Our old water filter pitcher had a filter that just set in the water reservoir and I always wondered if water didn't just leak into the pitcher without being filtered.

I also really like that you can pour from the pitcher as well as use the spicket at the base of the handle.

My Experience:
To really test the water, I drank a glass of tap water, then I drank a glass of the 000 ZeroWater, and boy was I surprised!  Not only did the ZeroWater NOT have any taste, but it tasted softer, which I don't understand at all but am really enjoying.

After almost two weeks of drinking ZeroWater, I am still loving it.  The water is still reading at 000 TDS, and it is still smelling and tasting great (as in no taste or smell at all).

The company recommends replacing the filter when your TDS readings reach 006, so I'll come back and let you know how long it takes us to reach that level.

I've been able to find the pitchers (there are different sizes) and filters available at our local Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond, as well as online at Target.

I've now had a few people over to test out my new ZeroWater, and everyone has really enjoyed the new water and had a lot of fun testing water at different outlets (including the bottled water).

Additional Thoughts:
We got a fish aquarium back in October, and had a lot of trouble getting the water established.  Our local pet store suggested that as we have Copper pipes throughout our home, we may have too much metal in our water, which their tests can't determine.  We are just getting our water to where it should be, and I plan to try using the ZeroWater filtered water next time we clean the tank.

I decided to look the pitcher up on Amazon and browse what others were saying, and I'm glad I did.  There are a bunch of great reviews and a bunch of bad ones... meaning, lots of people either love it or hate it.  After reading what they had to say, it made sense.  You love it when you have the pure water to drink, but depending on how many people are using your pitcher and how high your water's TDS are, your filter may last 6+ weeks, or it may only last 2, and if you wait too long to change it, it may smell and/or taste bad.

For example, if I had water with TDS levels in the more extreme numbers, say 300, the filter is working a lot faster to get all the junk out of the water.  By the time the filter is full of junk, your TDS readings will start to go up, and if you wait too long to change it, the water will start to smell and taste bad - this is KEY - think about your water, by this point, it is now going through a very dirty filter which is likely no longer pulling bad things from the water and may be adding more in... it can only absorb so much.  This is why it is so important to change the filter when the TDS numbers are starting to go up.

ZeroWater in the Media:
Both the Today Show and Good Housekeeping have featured ZeroWater recently, showing exactly what is in your water, and how well ZeroWater outperforms other water filtration systems.

Today Show:

Good Housekeeping:

ZeroWater 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher 
ZeroWater ~ $37.99
Kitchen / Water Filters

Edition Reviewed: 10 Cup Water Filter Pitcher - Review sample received courtesy of ZeroWater, many thanks!

About ZeroWater: (From their site)
ZeroWater® Technology
Developed Over Fifteen Years Ago to Solve One Family’s Desire for Great Water

The ZeroWater® technology was first developed to solve a mother’s fatigue from dragging gallons of bottled water jugs home from the grocery store. A father and son put their respective manufacturing and chemistry backgrounds to use to develop an in-home water filtration solution to meet the mother’s approval.

That quest led them to an in-depth study of the technologies successfully used in industrial, environmental, and even government applications for water filtration. That, in turn, led them to ask the question: Why can’t families have the same quality of water derived from those proven technologies? Only when they tried to answer that question did the father and son team find that home users were being completely neglected by the makers of the sophisticated water filtration technologies. Instead, families were being pushed to buy conventional and simple carbon based filters for their in-home filtration.

To read more click here.

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