Friday, February 17, 2012

Tip Time: Do You KNOW Which Side of the Car You Gas Tank is On?

Know which side of the car your gas gauge is on
For years, when going to get gas I would stop and try to look down the side of my car using the driver's side mirrors to see which side the gas tank was on.  I got it right about half the time... until last year, when my husband noticed that there is a little arrow on the gas gauge that points to the side of the car, now I never have to guess!

I thought I was alone in not ever noticing that tiny little arrow, but each time I ask someone if they know which side of the car their gas tank is on, they don't know... until I tell them about the arrow!

So go check your gas gauge and it might just tell you which side your gas tank is on.

Do you know which side of the car your gas tank is on?

~ Wendi


Anu said...

such a simple little thing......I never knew where to look too. Thanks for the tip.

Jen said...

hahahaha - who'd have known! i'm gonna have to go check the van now!
thanks for stopping by mom-ology. now following you :)


FoundProdigalDaughter said...

I didn't know that either... haha

I don't currently have my own vehicle to go run and check this out on but next time I am in a car I'm going to check this out... yup, I get excited over simple little things :)


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