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Perplexus: 3D Puzzle Fun For Your Brain AND Dexterity, GREAT For The Entire Family (And Friends) @Perplexus1

The Perplexus Rookie has been a huge hit in our family, from our 2 year old to grandparents and friends! (Ok, so the 2 year old thinks it is neat and likes to roll it around and watch the little steel ball inside)  Our 5 year old will really concentrate and see how far he can get the steel ball, and what started out with a tiny bit of frustration now provides loads of fun and quiet time.

I have left the Perplexus Rookie on our coffee table and I'm amazed that everyone who picks it up has a blast trying to get the little steel ball as far as they can.  Every now and then I hear numbers being shouted out because people are so thrilled at how far they are getting in the maze.  There are 75 sections of the maze, and some are VERY challenging.  You have to turn and twist the ball just right to keep the ball in the puzzle without having to start over.

Players beware - sometimes the people wanting a turn get a little impatient and they try to see what they can do to get you to drop the ball off the maze so they can have their turn quicker.

This fun 3D puzzle is fun AND it is great for improving dexterity, thinking, problem solving, sharing, quiet-time, providing entertainment at get-togethers, etc.

In the box: You will get a little plastic stand to set the Perplexus Rookie on when it is not being used, and the Perplexus Rookie itself.  The stand keeps the ball from rolling away, and also lets you pause your puzzle as long as no one else comes along to pick it up.

The Perplexus Rookie is a fully enclosed plastic ball that is filled with a 3D puzzle.  The puzzle has a start and finish, with 75 stages in between the two.  The object of the puzzle is to navigate a small steel ball through the maze from start to finish without the ball falling off the maze.

There are two other versions available as well: the Original and the Epic Perplexus!

Perplexus Rookie
Perplexus ~ 6 1/2" in Diameter
Ages 4+ ~ $22.99
Games / Puzzles / 3D

Edition Reviewed: Perplexus Rookie - Review sample received courtesy of the manufacturer, many thanks!

About the Perplexus Rookie:
From the Perplexus Site: Perplexus Rookie introduces you to the world of Perplexus and a whole new realm of perplexity! Perplexus Rookie will develop your skill as you learn to bend, twist and turn your way around the gravity defying barriers. Once you try it, you won’t want to put it down!

From Amazon: Perplexus Rookie will introduce you to the three dimensional, gravity defying world of Perplexus challenges. Flip, twist and turn the sphere to navigate the steel ball along the numbered tracks through 75 barriers of varying difficulty. Perplexus Rookie is easy to play but still challenging to complete. A domed finish keeps the ball in place at the end to secure your success! Fun for the whole family. 6 1/2" in diameter.

About Perplexus: (from the site
The concept behind PERPLEXUS was created by 3-D design teacher Michael McGinnis in the late 1970′s as a project for an art class. Michael envisioned turning his creation into a toy. He had no idea this vision would turn into a decades long odyssey to get the game to market.

After almost 20 years, Michael met the inventors at KID Group, one of the premier inventing houses in the toy industry. They collaborated on the design to make it more suitable for consumers. It was finally ready. The original product was marketed as Superplexus.

Through many twists and turns in the toy industry, Superplexus got tangled up in some changes and ended up being shelved just as it was getting started. But that isn’t the end of the story…

In 2008, a group of enthusiasts contacted KID Group about licensing Superplexus. Busy Life, LLC acquired the rights to Superplexus and launched PERPLEXUS in its current form.

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