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Paper Jamz Pro Series Guitar - Fun and Easy to Use, With LOTS of Great Effects - A GREAT Use of Technology @Wowweedotcom

Prior to this past week, I had heard of Paper Jams, but hadn't really experienced them, and we discovered that we were really missing out on a lot of fun and creativity!  I love to encourage my boys to be creative and have fun together and this is the best of both worlds. The singing, dancing, rocking and music-making are AWESOME!  Take one 5 year old and one not-quite-two-year-old going on 5, and you get some really fun (and funny) music creations, especially when using different instruments together.

There are two basic functions to the guitar: making music on your own (freestyle), or you can play with a little help from the guitar.  There are many different extra effects on the guitar that are really fun to play with.

As with the Pro Series Mic, I initially thought this toy was really light-weight and didn't have a lot to it, but I was wrong!  It has a lot of stuff designed into it.  It is surprisingly sturdy, and works primarily with the use of sensitive touch points to turn features on or off, play notes, change songs, or adjust the volume.  As an adult, I have really been having fun with this one.  It is fun to strum the guitar and slide my fingers up and down the neck (no you guys, I'm NOT a guitarist, so I'm sure I'm not using proper terms).  There are lots of neat effects to use too.

The package says that it is recommended for ages 8+, but I find that a bit off.  Our almost five year old is having a blast with it!  He has no problem turning it on and off, and taking care with it.  He loves playing it and creating his own songs, as well as playing along with the help of the programming on the guitar.

Great for gift giving this holiday season, I can vouch that all week this has been a hit!

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Paper Jams Pro Guitar  
by WowWee  

 Toys ~  $39.99 (Use code blogpromo14 to save 10% at WowWeeToyShop)

Edition Reviewed: Paper Jamz Pro Guitar Style 3 - Review sample received courtesy of the manufacturer, many thanks for sending our family one to review!

About the Paper Jamz Pro Series Guitar:

Rock out like never before
• 14 active frets for a wider range of notes
• Real notes and chords to create your own rock anthems
• Perform hammer-ons, pull-offs, palm mutes and slides
• Built-in accelerometer really makes your guitar wail
• Download new guitar styles for different sounds
• Add your favorite music with the free Paper Jamz Pro app
• USB cable included

Play modes
The Paper Jamz Pro guitar has two main modes: Song and Freestyle.
Freestyle mode
Go solo and play real chords and notes to create your own hit songs.
Song mode
There are two ways to rock out in Song mode.
Rhythm: Gives you full control to play your own chords or notes over a song.
• When chords are active, the guitar adjusts the ones you play so you always sound like a pro.
• When notes are active, the guitar adjusts the ones you play for perfect rock solos.
Perfect Play: Just select a song and strum along. Sound like a rock star — without years of practice.

Performance effects
Slide your finger on the Ripstrip to bend the pitch of notes and chords.
Point the guitar neck up to play notes an octave higher. Shake the guitar head to add vibrato.
Palm mute
Touch the palm mute with the base of your palm to stop the note or chord—or hold the palm mute while playing a chord to give it a chunky sound.

Advanced guitar techniques
Play your Paper Jamz Pro guitar like the real thing—do hammer-ons, pull-offs, taps and slides!

Expand your set list with your own music
This is one of the rockin’ new features of the Pro Series!
Download the free Paper Jamz Pro app to add music from your own library and rock out to your favorite songs. You can store up to 3 songs at a time, depending on song length.
With the app, just drag and drop files from your PC or Mac to your Paper Jamz Pro guitar—so easy, you’ll be rocking out in no time!
Check out to learn more.

Audio-out jack
Plug in an amplifier to throw your own concert or plug in headphones for a private performance.
Mini-USB port
Connect to a computer with the included USB to mini-USB cable and then transfer your music to the Paper Jamz Pro guitar with the downloaded Paper Jamz Pro app.
Additional information
• Age 8+
• Batteries: 4 x “AA” (not included)

*Disclosure: I am a WOW-Mom and received some WowWee Toys for party and review purposes. I was not compensated in any way, and the opinions shared are from our direct experience and was not influenced by our sponsor.  If you use my promo code to order at the WowWeeToyShop and get 10% off, I will get a small incentive from the sales.

Reposted from my original blog Wendi's Book Corner ~ Rainy Day Reads (and More) in Seattle, some things may have been edited, originally published November, 2011

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