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Lite Sprites Tree of Light, Pods, Wand, and Playsets ~ Playful, Musical and Fun (Review) @Wowweedotcom

I've seen the cute Lite Sprites commercials, and you've probably seen them too.  I have to say that I really think this toy is cute and well thought out.  This past week, I've been playing with it with my toddler, and yes, he is a boy.  I think it is great that boys can play with girl toys too!  He is absolutely fascinated by this Tree of Life and the other Lite Sprite toys.  And from what I've seen, he loves the bright colors, the flashing lights, and the fun sounds.

The Tree of Life has some really neat features.  The top of the tree can be easily turned, and when spun, it lights up and plays a tune.  The treetop leaves have places to hang the Lite Sprite Pods, which hold the sprites themselves.  The staircase lights up, and the elevator raises and then swivels and locks against the deck platform.  There are also numerous small flowers that can be moved around to decorate the grass under the tree.

Other Lite Sprites playsets can be connected to the Tree of Light.  The pods can be hung on the branches, while the playsets attach via a grassy bridge.  All the parts work really well together and create a really fun Sprite village play experience.

I've only gotten to play with the wand VERY briefely because it is in high-demand.  Not only does it light up and make neat musical noises, but it interacts with colors around it.  You can push the button and place it on an item and it will pick up the color from that item.  They boys and their friends (both girls and boys) love to run around with it seeing how many colors they can get it to turn.  It seems to have been turned into a game/challenge itself.

My only word of caution is that the pink petals of the playset pull out really easily, which isn't a negative, because they are put back really easily as well.  Oh!  And if you are playing with the Light Strike laser guns in the same room, the guns will cause the Sprite toys to light up and make sounds.  :)

If you are looking for a fun, bright, musical toy that both boys and girls will enjoy, take a look at this one.

I'd say this is an all-ages toy.  If you are going to have it around a young toddler, simply put the small flowers up on a shelf.  Otherwise, they are fascinated by the sprites, the colors, the sounds and the movement.  I think they are great interactive toys that will encourage early play and exploration.

Great for gift giving this holiday season!

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Light Sprites Tree of Life
by WowWee

 Toys ~  $39.99 (Use code blogpromo14 to save 10% at WowWeeToyShop)

Edition Reviewed: Paper Jamz Pro Guitar Style 3 - Review sample received courtesy of the manufacturer, many thanks for sending our family one to review!

About the Light Sprites Tree of Life:

• Spinning light-up treetop shares color with Lite Sprites and other Lite-Topia playsets
• Lite Wand and Lite Sprites magically change Tree of Lite’s colors
• Take the light-up stairs or personal elevator to a balcony that fits 4 Sprites
• Hang up to 4 Forest Pods from treetop and let Lite Sprites go for a spin
• Colorful lights and enchanting sounds
• Comes with 1 unique Lite Pet, 1 stylish flower ring, 1 connecting pathway and 4 decorative flower accessories

Collect and Connect
• Collect all the Deluxe Playsets and connect them to the Tree of Lite to create an ever-changing wonderland of color and light.

Additional Information
• Age 4+
• Batteries: 4 x AAA (not included)
• *Lite Wand + Prisma sold together. Lite Sprites playsets and other Lite Sprites sold separately.

*Disclosure: I am a WOW-Mom and received some WowWee Toys for party and review purposes. I was not compensated in any way, and the opinions shared are from our direct experience and was not influenced by our sponsor.  If you use my promo code to order at the WowWeeToyShop and get 10% off, I will get a small incentive from the sales.

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