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Check Out Light Strike - The Play Anywhere, Highly Interactive Game of Laser Tag (Amazingly Fun Too) from @WowWeeDotCom

I have to admit that of the WowWee toys our family got to test out and review, the Light Strike were my favorite!  And this is going to sound really silly, but we have been REALLY into Nerf gun wars INSIDE our house for about two years now, and there have been countless injuries from stray bullets, messes and even a broken wall that received a football tackle when one player was trying to avoid a Nerf bullet.  LOL  (The wall STILL isn't fixed all the way)  Weeks after playing a game I still find bullets all over the house!

SO when laser tag entered our house I was ecstatic!  No flying objects (other than people), safe for indoors AND outdoors, and the sounds, vibrations and lights coming from the Light Strike guns and accessories is so great!

Plus, it is so easy to get started!  The entire family (including extended family) got into playing laser tag, from our almost-two-year-old and even Grandpa... it is great fun for all ages.  Obviousely when the younger crowd is playing, we keep it a bit easier and don't focus as much on using the special features that are loaded on these laser tag guns, but that isn't to say there's no experimentation either.  In fact, the boys love the grenade feature on one of the guns because they aim and pull the trigger, and anyone within a certain distance is affected.

I'm honestly not doing these highly innovative toys justice.  They are packed with so much technology, from their interactive menus, the choices for each player, the ability to help team mates, the ability to add attachments, to the ability to play different types of games... that makes these toys simply amazing and gives players infinite ways to play.

The boys have really gotten into the attachments you can add to the guns as well.  They give the laser tag guns different capabilities and advantages that the guns by themselves don't have. Here's a quick rundown of the attachments (and you'll see why there are side deals and trades while playing...)

If you look in the above picture, I'll go from left to right, starting with the farthest back/left:
Rapid Fire System This allows faster, stronger laser strikes and provides stability if you are using the tripod type supports

Enemy Scanner I was shocked to find out that this little attachment actually really warns you when an enemy is moving within its range - the benefit here is that you get a warning that someone is trying to sneak up on you (It also increases the damage dealt by your laser gun

Refractor Launch System Allows you to take out multiple enemies with one shot

Scope Increases accuracy and how far the laser strike will work

Then, as if that wasn't fun enough, there are some pretty amazing targets, which includes: Intelligent Targeting System (I.T.S), Target Vest, Mini Target and Strike Target. Personally, I think the one that is the most fun (and provides the most challenge) is the ITS, or the one that looks like it has rainbow lights on the side.  It has so many different features and games, from a capture-the-flag type game, to specific game reward/consequences like regenerating health or setting off a bomb against your enemies.

One thing I find really great so far is the battery life.  All our guns and accessories are still going strong with the original batteries we put in them, and they have been played with a lot so far.

Overall, the Light Strike guns and accessories are a blast!  They have cutting edge (and highly interactive) technology in them that has really kicked up friendly "war games" at our house, while greatly reducing the mess and pain that comes with traditional Nerf-type games.  LOVE IT!

Great for gift giving this holiday season!

For a limited time, they have a Cyber Week bonus at the WowWeeToyShop:  *While Supplies Last

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Light Strike Assault Striker
by WowWee

 Toys ~  $39.99 (Use code blogpromo14 to save 10% at WowWeeToyShop)

Edition Reviewed: Paper Jamz Pro Guitar Style 3 - Review sample received courtesy of the manufacturer, many thanks for sending our family one to review!

About the Light Strike Assault Striker

• Interactive lights and battle sounds that put you in the middle of the fight

Weapon styles
5 built-in weapon styles offer different rates of damage, ammo usage and fire. Select the best weapon to get the job done:
• Laser Strike: Fast-fire weapon with lower rate of damage and ammo usage
• Stealth Strike: Fast-fire weapon with muffled blasts and lower rate of damage and ammo usage
• Pulse Strike: Packs more punch but uses ammo faster and has longer delay between blasts
• Rail Strike: Tons of firepower but burns through ammo quickly and has longer delay between blasts
• Sonic Strike: Biggest weapon in the arsenal, provides maximum damage but eats through ammo and has longest delay between blasts

Built-in target
• Built-in target detects hits from enemies.

Team selection
• Choose between 4 team colors. Each team can have unlimited number of players.

• Ammo meter tracks remaining ammo. Ammo is unlimited but requires reload. Different weapon styles have different reload times.

• Health meter tracks remaining life. When health hits zero, respawn to get back in the game.

• Activate shield to temporarily take 50% less damage when enemies are on your tail. Plan your strategy carefully because there’s a 3-minute recharge time before you can use the shield again.

Headphone jack
• For covert ops, plug in headphones so they’ll never hear you coming.
Strike Target
• Perfect your aim with the included light-up and sound FX target or incorporate it into your gameplay.

• With Light Strike, the only rules are your own. Play how you want!

Additional Information
• Play indoors or outside
• Age 8+
• Batteries: 4 x AA (Assault Striker) and 3 x AAA (Strike Target).
• *Batteries not included.

*Disclosure: I am a WOW-Mom and received some WowWee Toys for party and review purposes. I was not compensated in any way, and the opinions shared are from our direct experience and was not influenced by our sponsor.  If you use my promo code to order at the WowWeeToyShop and get 10% off, I will get a small incentive from the sales.

Reposted from my original blog Wendi's Book Corner ~ Rainy Day Reads (and More) in Seattle, some things may have been edited, originally published November, 2011

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